• Voyager 3200 28m Trailed
    This latest addition to GM-R's Voyager trailed sprayer models is this 28m version, launched at Cereals 2014. Having air suspension within the boom and heavy duty shock absorbers makes for a smooth ride of the boom. Triple nozzles come as standard, the featured sprayer has 6 air section controls with GPS controlling up to 12 sections on the move.
  • Pro-Farmer Mounted Sprayer
    Launched in 2013 and made its debut at Cereals. This sprayer featuring heavy duty close coupled frame with slim-line profile polyethylene tanks of 1200, 1500 and 1800 capacity enhances weight distribution. The extremely strong and durable, but at the same time very light Pro-Farmer booms use robust aircraft technology design, incorporation different grades of high tensile steel.
  • Fieldcruiser FR-35-180i
    British built, with 180hp Deutz Tier III liquid cooled engine. Fully Air-conditioned cab with charcoal filtration for the optimum working environment for long days in the field.

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One of Three new Product Launch

Final build stage GM-R Multidrive F380-40-32. One of three new product launches this year!!

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LAMMA 2019 is the largest annual agricultural trade show in the UK, with an impressive list of over 900 exhibitors including us at GM-R Sprayers Ltd.

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